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Play on browser  at https://pablohrdz.itch.io/the-adventures-of-the-jelly-knight!

NOTE: We had problems when trying to submit to Itch at the end of the jam so we only uploaded the .exe here. The link above contains the browser and Mac friendly versions. We apologize for the inconvenience and the extra click.

Thanks for playing!!


This is the story of Juan, the Jelly Knight. Once the most lauded warrior of his kingdom, he now faces a grim fortune. After running into Severin the Hungry Wizard, he was turned into a living jelly, losing his human form and his shining armor.

Armed only with sweet courage and wits, he must now climb to the top of the tower, defeat Severin, and get back his human body.

While on his way, he'll have to face the wizard's lackeys, one-colored triangles that shoot projectiles (of their same color) at him and that have only one weakness (like a rock-paper-scissors relationship).

This game is One of a kind -- a puzzle-action top-down shooter with mechanics inspired by the GMTK 2019 challenge "Only One":

- You can only take one hit at a time.

- You can only shoot once per charge (you charge when you absorb a bullet and gain its color).

- Enemies only have one weakness (with a rock-paper-scissors relationship between red-green-blue).

- Every level can be achieved in one move.

- Featuring the Juan and only Jelly Knight!


JuanJellyKnight_WindowsBuild.zip 25 MB

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